A Creative Salon

Hear Here is a volunteer non-­‐profit arts collective promoting literacy and the arts community in Toronto. Our goal is to organize popular, culturally significant events at different locations around the city. Each event involves bringing together local artists working in a variety of mediums, designing a dynamic space wherein to showcase their work, and collaborating to create an experience that is as enriching as possible to a broad demographic of patrons. We are also interested in fostering a sense of community among artists at all stages of their careers, and for this purpose give select amateurs an opportunity to present their work alongside distinguished professionals. We want to create an environment where patrons come together to bring a balance to lives too often full of “busyness.”

Why are we so special? Hear Here is a roaming Salon: each event is held in a different location around Toronto (office towers, commercial areas, store fronts, lobbies) but the precise location will not be released until shortly before the event. Instead, to give you a hint as to the hidden location, our Be Here page will be changing on a regular basis. As the event draws ever closer, the map of Toronto will gradually zero-­‐in on Hear Here’s new address. After each event, the map will return to show Toronto in full and then repeat the process for the next event’s new location.