Welcome to Hear Here, Toronto’s premier Salon!

By Hear Here 9 years ago

Welcome to Hear Here, Toronto’s premier Salon!  Our theme for our third event (Date: October 9th, 8:00 pm) is Lost & Found. Like always, we will be holding an artistic gathering in Toronto with some of Canada’s most influential artists.

Poets, novelists, short story writers, non-fiction authors and essayists are all invited—professional or amateur—to share at our communal event for lovers of literature, spoken word, visual arts, music and food. Attendance is open and all are welcome!

Our first event included superb Toronto fare and a chance to rub shoulders with the likes of Barry Callaghan, Lillian Allen, and many others. Visit our See Here page were you’ll be able to see pictures and video from the inaugural event at the Metro Convention Centre Lobby.

Our second event, Hear Here: Revolution was an even greater success, showcasing one of the most unique event spots in Toronto: the 20th floor of 150 York St. No one event has ever used the space before and we strongly suspect no one ever will again. A highlight of the evening was the rhythmic improv from Poet Laureate George Elliott Clarke and surprise guest Shelley Hamilton. If you missed it, check out the photos and videos on our See Here page, but we urge you to come to the next event, since there no replacement for seeing it live.

Although several prominent authors and artists from across the country will be sharing their work, we are accepting submissions from beginners as well. If you’d like to read or display your work at one of our events, visit our Submissions page to find out how you can.

Hear Here is not for profit. Each member of our small team is doing this for the love of the arts and our unique city. We want to create an environment where excited patrons come together to bring a balance to lives too often full of burdensome duties.

Why are we so special? Hear Here is a roaming literary salon: each event will be held in a different location around Toronto (office towers, commercial areas, store fronts, lobbies). The precise location will not be released until shortly before the event; instead, our Be Here page will be changing on a regular basis. As the event draws ever closer, the map of Toronto will gradually zero in on Hear Here’s new address. After each event, the map will return to show Toronto in full and then repeat the process for the next event’s new location.

So join us for the second invigoration Hear Here will bring to our city’s arts scene!

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